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12 Contents you must include in ALL your health and safety files

by , 06 September 2015
If you want to start a construction project, you need to make sure you have an up-to-date health and safety file.

The Principal Contractor and the Contractor must open up the file. And it must be available on site.

While the contents of health and safety files may differ from client to client, there are 12 contents that you simply have to include in them:

In your health and safety files, you need to have:

1. A health and safety policy; 
2. Notifications to the Department of Labour; 
3. A letter of good standing from the Workmen's Compensation; 
4. A fall protection and rescue plan; 
5. A safety plan; 
6. A risk assessment as well as your method statements; 
7. Training records of all your employees on site; 
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8. Legal appointments; 
9. Inspection forms; 
10. Minutes of all your meetings; 
11. All procedures; and 
12. Medicals. 
There you have it! Now remember to always include these 12 contents in your health and safety files.

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12 Contents you must include in ALL your health and safety files
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