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2 Steps towards creating an effective health and safety budget

by , 24 March 2016
As an employer, it is your legal obligation to ensure that your workplace is as risk-free as possible. You need to be conscious.

And when it comes to effectively implementing health and safety in the workplace, drawing up a budget is non-negotiable.

You see, very often you'll find employers who don't actually budget for their health and safety needs. And so when health and safety expenses, such as first-aid training, inevitably come along, they end up with less control of their business's cash flow.

So avoid this from happening to you and budget accordingly. Follow these 3 simple steps to draw up an effective budget...


27 Items you should have in your Occupational Health and Safety Budget

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Step#1: Create a plan

As with most things, plans are a no-brainer…

To create a plan for your budget, you should do a base-line risk assessment. This is a fairly broad risk assessment which covers all activities which take place on your site.

It will help you identify any potential risks in the workplace, as well as, what you should put in place to control and prevent them.

Once you've done this, you can then begin budgeting accordingly.

After you've done this, you should conduct a base-line compliance audit. This can easily be done using our Audit Smart Software (Click here to see for yourself).
Step#2: Get quotes

Now that you know what the risks in the workplace are, you should get quotes from suppliers and providers.

Don't rush! Choose your providers carefully.

Consider things like:

·         Are they well-known in the industry? ;
·         Do they have a reputation for giving high-quality training?; etc.

 Ensure that the provider is legally compliant with the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act as well as with other relevant legislation.

*NOTE: There is one more critical step you need in order to complete your health and safety budget…

To see what it is, simply head over to Chapter B 04 in your Health and Safety Advisor handbook, or click here if you don't already have a copy of this useful H&S resource. 

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2 Steps towards creating an effective health and safety budget
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