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2 Unsuspecting hazards in the office that pose a real risk to your employees

by , 31 March 2016
Conducting risk assessments in the workplace are vitally important for a host of reasons.

Not only will they help you maintain peak productivity because of a safe work environment, and keep insurance costs low, but they will ultimately keep you in business!

It's a legal and, more importantly, moral obligation which you simply must carry out.

And offices are no expectation to this obligation, because they can be host to a number of hazards.

So to help you in conducting your office risk assessment, here are 2 unsuspecting hazards in the office you should look out for, along with tips on how to deal with them effectively...


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Office hazard#1: Alcohol and drug abuse

Alcohol is well known for impairing a person's overall physical and mental functioning, including their perception of risk.

So having a drunk person in the office poses not only a risk to themself, but also to everyone else in the office. 

To deal with this hazard, you should have an alcohol and drug abuse policy that shows a 'zero-tolerance' approach to any transgressors in the workplace.

If you suspect that anyone is drunk, or under the influence of any other particular drug, then you should remove them from the workplace and do tests where necessary and permitted.

Office hazard#2: 'Slips and trips'

Employees and visitors can, for example, trip over a loose carpet in the workplace, or on spillage by a cleaner in the office.

To prevent this from happening, you should introduce and maintain good housekeeping practices in the workplace.

Also, ensure that the office area is well-lit, especially over stairs.

Try to avoid extension cables. Only use them if completely necessary and, if so, tape them to the ground and keep them close to the walls to avoid anyone tripping.

*Those were 2 office hazards you should look out for the next time you conduct an office risk assessment.

But did you know that there are many other hazards in your office space that pose a serious risk to your employees' health and safety?

So what are you waiting for? Page over to Chapter R 11 in your Health and Safety Advisor handbook to see what they are, and what you can do to prevent them.

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2 Unsuspecting hazards in the office that pose a real risk to your employees
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