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3 Critical steps for conducting an effective incident investigation

by , 04 April 2016
Should your workplace require any Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), you'll be required to have PPE policy in place.

What this policy does is it assures your employees, as well as any visitors, that their safety has been taken into consideration through thorough risk assessments. And that in order to protect them, you have provided PPE for them, where necessary.

It also helps to ensure that all parties concerned actually wear your PPE. This is important because, if they don't use it, you could be held responsible!

So to help you in piecing together an effective Personal Protective Equipment Policy, here are 5 conditions to include...


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You can start off by saying:

Any person on our premises who enters an area or is exposed to any activity that could be harmful to their health and safety shall:

1. Be provided with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), free of charge, by the company.
2. All PPE will be in good working condition at all times and will be replaced whenever necessary.
3. Provision will be made for the safe storage and cleaning of all PPE when necessary.
4. All employees, clients and visitors will be trained on:
·         How to use PPE correctly, depending on the type of hazard involved;
·         The limitations that the PPE might have; and
·         The correct cleaning, storage and maintenance of the PPE provided.
5. No employee will be permitted to work without the correct PPE in areas where its use is compulsory.

*Those were 5 conditions to include in an effective PPE policy.

But wait! We have 6 other important conditions that you simply have to include in your PPE Policy.

To see what they are, page over to Chapter P 07 in your Health and Safety Advisor handbook.

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3 Critical steps for conducting an effective incident investigation
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