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4 Overlooked items you should include in your health and safety budget

by , 14 April 2016
You are legally required to look out for the health and safety of your employees in the workplace. But let's not fool ourselves! That costs money!

So it's highly recommended you draw up a health and safety budget. What this will do is ensure you can accommodate all health and safety related expenses.

But keep in mind that an effective health and safety budget tends to include items which would otherwise have been overlooked.

Don't do that! Instead, take note of the following 4 commonly overlooked health and safety items, and be sure to budget for where applicable...

Item#1: Informing employees
You must inform all your employees of the risks they face while carrying out their roles in your workplace.
There are many ways to do this. Examples include toolbox talks, posters, informal training sessions and safe-work procedures.
All these internal communications can cost you money, so budget accordingly.


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Item#2: Eternal training
While you may be aware of internal training now, don't forget that you could very well require external health and safety training for your employees. So budget for the day you might require an external trainer or external training modules.
Item#3: Stackers in the workplace
If you have employees who must stack objects, you'll need to budget for their training.
Also, you need to ensure that your pallets (for stacking) are well-maintained. You may even need to budget for in case you require new pallets.
Item#4: Safety files
If you own a construction company, you must submit a health and safety file, according to each client's specifications, before you can start working.
You might require an expert to help put the file together, which will cost you. And if you decide to do it yourself, don't forget about the printing and labour costs that will be involved.  Either way, you must budget accordingly.
*Those were 4 commonly overlooked items to include in your health and safety budget.
To learn more on health and safety budgets, simply page over to Chapter B 04 in your Health and Safety Advisor handbook.
Alternatively, you can click here to order your copy of this fantastic health and safety resource today.

How to prepare your Health and Safety Budget

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4 Overlooked items you should include in your health and safety budget
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