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5 Rules you have to follow when introducing a designated smoking area for employees

by , 15 April 2016
Smoking is a practice engulfed in fiery debate. Around the world, laws are becoming stricter and stricter in an effort to promote the overall well-being of every individual, especially for those who choose not to smoke.

South African law is no exception to this general global pattern, with the Tobacco Products Control Act protecting non-smokers, including non-smoking employees, while offering no protection to smokers.

So if you have smokers in your workplace, and you wish to accommodate them, you will have to introduce a designated smoking area that covers the following 5 rules...


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The designated smoking area cannot exceed 25% of the total floor area of the workplace.


The designated smoking area must be separated from the rest of the workplace by a structure.

Also, the entrance of this area must be labelled with a 'Smoking Area' sign.


You must ensure that proper ventilation is installed in the designated smoking area, so as to get rid of any smoke in the workplace.


You must clearly display a sign which informs your employees of the harmful effects of smoking.

You must place this sign at the entrance of the designated smoking area.


You must have signs present which clearly state where smoking is, and is not, permitted in the workplace.

They should state that anyone who fails to comply with the information on the sign can be prosecuted and liable to a fine.
IMPORTANT NOTE: You are under no obligation to introduce a smoking area for smoking employees. This is entirely up to you.

But if you choose to do so, you must abide by the above-mentioned rules.

PS: To learn more on how to effectively manage your smoking employees in the workplace, such as how to deduct money for smoke breaks, simply click here to order your copy of Smoking in the workplace: Your A-Z guide to being 100% compliant with smoking legislation today.

Also, page over to Chapter S 01 in your Health and Safety Advisor handbook to learn much more on smoking in the workplace. 

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5 Rules you have to follow when introducing a designated smoking area for employees
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