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7 Rules to choose the right toolbox talk topic everytime

by , 25 January 2016
Are you wasting valuable time figuring out which toolbox talks to train your employees on?


There's an easier way to choose your health and safety toolbox topics.

Here's 7 rules you can use to save your time and choose the right toolbox talk.


Are you 100% sure you're training your employees on the right health and safety topics?

There are so many toolbox talks out there, but how can you be sure which topics you need to train your employees on?

We've done the work for you…

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Why toolbox talks are so effective

Toolbox talks are short, targeted training sessions to train your employees on the hazards and risks they will be exposed to in whatever work they are about to do. For example, how to safely lockout a machine or the importance of washing hands before eating.

Use toolbox talks to train your employees to recognise and avoid unsafe conditions as part of company profitability and professional development.

Keep reading for the 7 rules to choosing the right toolbox talk topics…
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Follow these 7 rules to select a toolbox talk topic
  1. Stick to topics about safety problems you're worried about now or that you anticipate in upcoming jobs;
  2. If your employees are going to perform a hazardous activity that specific day, discuss that activity's precautionary measures and safety concerns, before they start working;
  3. Failure on your part to select an appropriate topic to present will result in uninterested workers, a waste of time and a loss of creditability on the part of company management;
  4. Observe job-safety techniques. Focus on what's important (and mandatory);
  5. Listen to and follow up on your company's safety committee and employee recommendations;
  6. Identify poor work practices causing injuries or accidents on the job; and
  7. Plan your schedule out for a month so you have time to research the topics and modify your company policy accordingly.

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7 Rules to choose the right toolbox talk topic everytime
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