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98% of the OHS Act regulations contain this legal component. Ensure you comply with it

by , 26 December 2014
It's imperative you comply with the OHS Act. If you don't, the DoL will eventually find out and that could mean fines, company shut down or even jail time.

You have to comply with all the OHS Act regulations that apply to your company.

And, there's one component that appears in nearly 98% of OHS Act regulations. If you don't comply with it, you could face the worst of these DoL punishments.

Read on to find out what it is...


Ensure you comply with this one vital legal OHS Act requirement

It doesn't matter if you're looking at the regulations for bio-hazards or electrical machinery and anything in between, they almost all have a training component.
This is a legally required component and, if you don't give your employees this training, the DoL could shut your company down.
It won't let you reopen your company until you give all your employees the relevant training they need. 
Here are seven OHS Act regulations that contain training as a legal requirement. If your employees have to work with any of these, ensure you train them correctly.
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Seven regulations that include training as a legal requirement

1. Asbestos regulations, 2001
2. Hazardous biological agent regulations, 2001
3. Hazardous chemical substances regulations, 1995
4. Lead regulations, 2001
5. Noise induced hearing loss regulation, 2003
6. Diving regulations, 2001
7. Explosives regulations, 2003
The OHS Act also instructs you to give all your employees general health and safety training. In addition you also have to give your health and safety appointments specific training so they can fulfil their responsibilities.
As you can see, training is a vital part of health and safety and almost every set of regulations contains a section on it.
Check out the Health and Safety Training Manual for everything you need to comply with the Act. 

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98% of the OHS Act regulations contain this legal component. Ensure you comply with it
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