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A fatal incident has occurred at your company! Here's how to report it

by , 11 August 2015
A fatal incident is the death of someone as a result of an event at the workplace. The person can either die directly after the event takes place or later in hospital. Such an incident can be a terrifying experience for all, including you! Here is how you report such an incident...

Report the incident immediately! 
You must report the incident within the same day to the Regional Director of your nearest labour centre. 

The report must be carried out by telephone. A fax or an email must then follow.

What must be included in the fax/email to the Department of Labour? 

The name of the injured/deceased person
The address of the injured/deceased person
Name of the employer
Address of the employer
Telephone number of the employer
Name of the contact person

Details of the incident to be included in the fax/email: 

It must state what exactly happened. In other words, the incident
It must state the place where the incident occurred
It must state the date and tie on which the incident occurred 
The fax/email must state how the incident happened
It must state why it happened
It must contain the names of all witnesses
When we asked the Commissioner what he wants in an incident report, this is what he said...
Whenever you place a claim for one of your employees with COID, the Compensation Commissioner examines your incident report in extensive detail.
And I know exactly what he looks for! Click here to find out!


Do not touch the scene of the incident:

Do not touch the scene of the incident except for rescuing, treatment and for taking measures to prevent further injuries or damage. 
An inspector from the DoL must first inspect the scene thoroughly before allowing you to clean it up.

Take photographs: 

If at all possible, take photographs of the scene. They can be presented to the incident investigation and could also help prevent further injuries in the future. 

Important note: 

It is important to note that even if a non-employee dies on your premises, you must let the Dol know, as stated above. 
Here there will be no claim to the Compensation Fund but you could face charges of culpable homicide.
As you can see, dealing with incidents in the workplace is a very serious thing.
So don't wait for something to go wrong, click here and gain access to much more information on incidents in the workplace. 

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A fatal incident has occurred at your company! Here's how to report it
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