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A Health and Safety Management System: Your best tool to ward off DoL fines

by , 24 October 2014
If you don't implement effective health and safety in your company, the DoL will penalise you.

That's where a Health and Safety Management System will help you.

This system is your best tool in ensuring your company's compliance and avoiding DoL penalties.

Here's why...


Here's why a Health and Safety Management System will save your company from DoL fines

A Health and Safety Management System is a framework your company uses to:
• Identify and control health and safety risks;
• Minimise the potential risks to prevent accidents;
• Help achieve compliance with health and safety legislation; and
• Create a safe working environment for your employees and customers.
Here's how this will help you.
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Here's how your Health and Safety Management System will help your company

If your Health and Safety Management System is effective and achieves these goals, it will:
• Ensure legal compliance
South African legislation places a legal obligation on you to comply with OHSA or face harsh penalties from the DoL. With an effective management system, it's easy to take the first option;
• Reduces the number of injuries & occupational diseases
Through prevention and control of workplace hazards;
• Ensures competent personnel
Employees working in a safe environment will perform better, be willing to co-operate with you and go the extra mile;
• Reduces loss from accidents/operational disruptions
It does this by helping you identify and control risks;
• Reduces insurance costs and losses due to absenteeism;
The higher the number of incidents in your workplace, the higher your Workmen's Compensation and other insurance costs are. Preventing this with a management system will help you stop these incidents;
• Increase your public image
If your company has a safe working environment, it creates a good public image. People will want to visit your facility or even want to work for you.
As you can see, an effective Health and Safety Management System will help you implement, improve and maintain legally compliant health and safety measures in your workplace. This won't only protect your employees, it will protect you from the DoL too.
Check out the Health and Safety Advisor for more on creating a Health and Safety Management System.

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A Health and Safety Management System: Your best tool to ward off DoL fines
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