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An employee has died at your workplace! Now what happens to his dependants?

by , 08 September 2015
A fatal incident is the death of someone as a result of an event at the workplace. The person can either die directly after the accident or later in hospital.

Should an unfortunate event such as this happen in your workplace, what will happen with your deceased employee's dependants? Because it could very well be the case that he was the breadwinner for his family.

Here's what you need to know about compensation to a deceased employee's dependants:

Compensation to widowers/widows: 

The widow will be entitled to:

     • A lump sum equal to twice the monthly pension that the deceased employee would've received was he 100% disabled; or
     • A pension equal to 40% of the pension the deceased employee would've been entitled to had he been 100% disabled.

Note that on remarriage the compensation will continue until her death.


Do you know the internal and external processes you must follow when conducting an incident investigation?

Whenever you place a claim for one of your employees with COID, the Compensation Commissioner examines your incident report in great detail. 
He checks that every detail of the workplace accident or occupational injury has been included along with all the details of your investigations. 
Miss just one point and he'll delay your claim and compensation will now be your problem!
That's why you need to follow the correct internal and external processes the first time around. 
Compensation for children:

Each of the deceased employee's children are entitled to 20% of the pension that the deceased employee would've received if he was 100% disabled. But this is only the case if the total pension payable to the children and widow doesn't exceed the total amount that would've been payable should the deceased employee have been 100% disabled.
So, that's what you need to know about compensation for the dependants of one of your employees who suffered a fatal incident in your workplace. 

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An employee has died at your workplace! Now what happens to his dependants?
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