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An inquiry into the Meyersdal collapse has been set! Do you know how this procedure works?

by , 01 September 2014
A few weeks ago, a building slab collapsed on a construction site in Meyersdal. It killed nine people and injured several others.

Rumour has it that this collapse happened because construction workers cut corners with their building. Now, a date for an inquiry has been set for October 2014 to find out if there's any truth to this rumour.

If an accident like this ever happens to you, you'll face a similar inquiry. That's why you need to know how the process works...


Here's how an inquiry into a construction collapse works 

An accident on a construction site suggests someone wasn't sticking to construction regulations. 
An inquiry works to find out if this is true or if the accident happened through no fault of the construction workers.
During this inquiry, the Department of Labour (DoL) will look at evidence and hear testimonies from employees and site managers to understand what happened.
Evidence plays a very important role in the inquiry. (This became clear in the inquiry into the Tongaat Mall collapse as well.)
So if you find yourself facing an inquiry, ensure you do these four things.
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Here's what you must do during an inquiry from the DoL

1. You must help collect and provide all the evidence they need. Ensure you follow the proper procedures when you do this.
2. Comply with any requests from the DoL and ensure your employees do too.
3. Be honest about what happened. There's no point in trying to deceive the DoL about the cause of the accident.
4. Do your own internal investigation into the collapse to see if your conclusion and the DoL's are the same.
Ensure you do these things if you and your company ever have to go through a DoL inquiry.

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An inquiry into the Meyersdal collapse has been set! Do you know how this procedure works?
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