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Are you following all the health and safety rules but still have a high IOD rate? Here are six ways to reduce it

by , 30 December 2014
Is your injury on duty (IOD) rate high? Have you followed all the health and safety laws the OHS Act outlines?

If you answered 'yes' to both these questions, then you need to go beyond what the law tells you to do to protect your employees.

This is when you need to improve your health and safety to beyond the legal standard.

It's the only way to reduce your IOD rate and keep your employees safe.

Here are six steps you can take to try and reduce your accident rate...


Here are six things you can do to reduce your high IOD rate

1. Thank employees for working according to procedure and wearing PPE as well as identifying hazards and reporting near misses. This makes them aware that you're watching and you know when they do and don't follow the health and safety rules. This will motivate them to be even more careful on site.
2. Improve supervision so there's always someone watching over your employees. This person can spot and stop accidents before they happen. They must also make sure your employees stick to the rules. 
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3. Improve your system for reporting near misses. Even if accidents don't actually happen you still need to know about them so you can find out why they almost happened. This way you can stop an accident from actually happening in future.
4. Investigate near misses to find out what caused it. 
5. Offer your employees a financial incentive to motivate them to be even more careful.
6. Publicly recognise employees for doing things right at site meetings. This will encourage your employees to stay safe.
If you use these six easy steps you can reduce your IOD rate in no time. 

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Are you following all the health and safety rules but still have a high IOD rate? Here are six ways to reduce it
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