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Are you giving your health and safety reps the right OHS training?

by , 23 June 2014
To comply with the OHS Act, you need to give your health and safety reps OHS training. But if you want the DoL's approval on the training, you need to know what kind of training to give them.

Sadly there isn't just one health and safety course that covers EVERYTHING. And if there was, it would probably bankrupt your company because of how expensive it would be.

This is why you should rather give the employees that need it, the right kind of training. To help you do that, we've listed six recommended OHS training courses...

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Appoint your representatives and then give them the right OHS training to comply with regulations

You have to have a health and safety rep in your workplace. These employees need specific training that's more in depth than your other employees' training. 
Here are the two training courses you and your new reps should attend:
This will train your reps to do risk assessment, which they must do with you. We recommend you do risk assessment every six months. It's essential for your health and safety reps to be able to help you with your risk assessments as two pairs of eyes are always better than one. 
Your reps are also your eyes on the ground so they'll be able to see if your safety precautions actually work.
2. Incident investigation training
Your reps have to know how to help you during an incident investigation. They must be able to help you during an investigation as they might have more insight into the work your other employees do.
With this training, you and your health and safety reps will be ready to deal with any safety issues that come your way. 
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Are you giving your health and safety reps the right OHS training?
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