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Are you in the trucking business? Give your drivers this vital safety training

by , 24 October 2014
The horrific truck accident that happen on the N12 highway in Johannesburg last week, has put a lot of attention on vehicle safety.

After all, SA's highways are constantly covered with trucks and people want to know they're not a hazard.

That's were you come in. If your business is all about trucking and transporting goods, you have to train your drivers correctly.

Here's what you need to train them on...


For their safety and the safety of others, train your truck drives on these four points 

Train your truck drivers to:
1. Inspect their own vehicles 
If truck drivers inspect their own vehicles, especially when they're on long trips, they can prevent serious accidents. 
They could spot and repair a problem before it causes a serious accident. 
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2. Slow their vehicles down using the proper mechanisms 
If a truck is going full speed down a hill, using the foot break to slow it down will only result in damaged breaks.
The drivers should rather use methods, such as gearing down, to reduce speed on hills. This will ensure they don't lose control of their truck.
3. Respond properly if they lose control of their truck
If your truck driver loses control, he mustn't just drive into other cars. He should rather try get the truck off the road on the left hand side where he won't cause any harm. 
4. Deal with a blown tyre
This is extremely dangerous for other cars on the road. Your drivers must know how to deal with this situation to limit the damage.
If the employers of the truck driver who caused the N12 crash had given him this training, it could have prevented that terrible accident.
Ensure you give your drivers this training so they don't cause a similar one. 

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Are you in the trucking business? Give your drivers this vital safety training
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