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Are you protecting your employees from the five accidents stalking your construction site right now?

by , 25 April 2014
Your health and safety plan is there to protect your employees. If it's weak, they could be in danger. To make it stronger, you need to spot the most common accidents and manage them. To help you do this here are the five most common accidents that happen on construction sites...

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Revealed: The five most common construction accidents 

If you can spot the most common accidents on your construction site, you can stop them from happening. This will improve your health and safety plan a lot.
According to Health and Safety Risk Management, the five most common construction accidents are:
1. Slips and falls
2. Falling from heights
3. Being hit by falling objects
4. Electrocution 
5. Accidents with construction vehicles 
These five accidents must be the very first things which your health and safety plans deals with.
But what's the best way to manage each of these problems?
Do your employees know about the different fire equipment?
If a fire breaks out in your building, would your employees know what to do or how to use the fire extinguisher?

How to prevent the five most common construction accidents

The good news is, each of these problems actually have a simple way to prevent them.
1. To prevent slips and falls
Keep walkways clear and tidy. Apply a non slip product like grip tape to slippery floors. Make sure that any spills are cleaned up quickly.
2. Prevent falls from heights
Make sure scaffolding is secure with proper railing. Supply proper PPE like harnesses, ropes or fall nets.
3. Prevent employees from being hit by falling objects
Use fencing around raised work stations to stop things from falling off. Safety nets will also help catch anything that does fall. Provide employees with proper hard hats to protect them from anything that falls.
4. Prevent electrocution
The best preventing here is providing your employees with electrical training. The Health and Safety Advisor suggests you also install new electrical systems and maintain them to prevent the risk of electrical accidents.
5. Prevent vehicle accidents
You should create vehicle only areas where works shouldn't go on foot. Check your vehicles regularly and maintain them. 
And remember, to discover where these common accidents may happen, do a proper risk assessment. Then find a way to deal with them as part of your safety management. 
Doing this with these common accidents will help you strengthen your health and safety plan a lot. 

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