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Are your employees looking a little hung-over after the weekend? Watch out! It could cause these four serious hazards

by , 03 November 2014
It's early Monday morning and you're watching your employees slowly trickle onto site. As they all arrive you notice a few of them look a bit groggy and even a little green.

You walk up to them and say good morning. As they reply the reason for their green colour is clear as you can smell the alcohol.

Now you may just shake your head and walk away, after all they're not actually drunk. But this is a serious mistake as hung-over employees are a big problem.

Read on to discover the four serious hazards they could cause so you can deal with them appropriately...


These are the four hazards hung-over employees could cause

1. Hung-over employees probably won't concentrate on what they're doing. This means they won't use equipment safely or watch for dangers around them. 
Because of this they might walk straight into an accident without even realising it.
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2. Their reaction times will be slower because of the alcohol still in their system. This means they won't be able to prevent an accident in time even if they do realise what's happening.
3. If they're sick on site, it could cause a hygiene hazard in your workplace. After all, no one wants someone else's stomach contents in the area they're working in. 
4. These employees will probably just want to get their work done so they'll do it quickly and carelessly. This means they won't follow safe working procedures and they'll probably cause a serious accident.
Remember, a large quantity of alcohol can take up to 11 hours to leave someone system. So chances are your employees will still be intoxicated. 
Rather tell these employees to go home or make them do work that isn't dangerous so they don't casue accidents.

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