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Are your employees safe? Here's how to make them safer by complying with five safety checks construction companies over look

by , 08 April 2014
The second leading cause of accidental deaths in the workplace is slip and fall accidents. Sadly, many construction companies forget about the things that can prevent these accidents. Today we reveal five of these most commonly missed safety checks construction companies forget so you can ensure you're doing everything to keep your employees safe...

Adhere to these five construction regulation checks for housekeeping
According to Health and Safety Advisor's construction regulations check list, your housekeeping safety measures are important. For example, you may have barriers around machines, but are there steps to keep the general working space safe. 
So it's no wonder that, Safety and Health Magazine says tripping, slipping, and falling objects are common hazards in the workplace. This is because many construction companies forget these checks:
1. Is there enough storage?
2. Is there a system for removing scraps?
3. Are there things in the way in the workplace?
4. Are there things that could fall from above?
5. Are there controlled access points in?
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How to answer these five safety checks to meet your construction regulations
When checking storage, just make sure that there is a safe place for everything. Tools and equipment need to be stored properly to prevent clutter. Removing scraps is a simple matter of having somewhere to put scrap metal, wood or plastic. 
By having this safety measure in place, you're able to remove things in the way on the construction site. That's two of the safety checks taken care of in one step. 
To prevent any things that may fall from above it all comes down to storage. If you do have over head storage, it must close properly so nothing falls out. Also make sure that your employees where their hard hats and PPE to protect them against falling objects.
The check for controlled access point refers to your security measures. Many construction companies think that this is important on a construction site. If you agree, they you're forgetting that people often steal certain scraps like scrap metal are for recycling money. 
These checks seem so obvious that most construction companies always forgotten about them. But the good news is, you can greatly improve the safety standards on your construction site just by improving your housekeeping.

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Are your employees safe? Here's how to make them safer by complying with five safety checks construction companies over look
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