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Are your employees sucking your company's health and safety budget dry?

by , 14 August 2014
Do you hate health and safety because of what it's doing to your company finances?
What if I told you health and safety isn't the problem, it's your employees.

They may be the reason for your out-of-control health and safety spending and you may not even realise it. If this is the case, you need to work on changing your employees' behaviour or they'll reduce your health and safety budget to mere pennies.

To find out if your employees are the culprits look for these common ways employees suck health and safety budgets dry...


Three ways your employee are responsible for all your health and safety expenses 

1. Your employees may be careless with their safety equipment
Safety equipment is expensive! If your employees don't take care of it, you'll have to keep replacing it. For example, if your employees use their hard hats as stools instead of head protection, they're going to damage it. When they do, you have to fork out to replace it.
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2. Your employees behave badly and cause problems you must fix
If your employees misbehave at work, they may cause health and safety problems. For example, if one employee bumps another into a machine that gives him a serious burn, you have to pay to put protective measures in place like barriers or protective glass. 
3. Your employees just don't pitch for health and safety training
If you pay for your employees to do health and safety training and they don't pitch, that's money wasted. Now you can discipline them, but that doesn't change the fact that you have to pay for the training again and you can't force your employees to pay for the training they missed.
If your employees are guilty of any of these three things they're the reason you're spending thousands on health and safety. Get tough and make sure your employees toe the line before they drive your company into bankruptcy.

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Are your employees sucking your company's health and safety budget dry?
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