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Attention employers: Never underestimate the importance of OHS training on health risks

by , 24 June 2014
As an employer, it's your duty to give your employees OHS training. This training is in fact a legal requirement of the OHS Act. So if you don't train your employees, you're breaking the law.

But you can't just train your employees on how to safely use their tools or deal with accident situations. You have to train them to understand and manage workplace health risks too. At the end of the day, these risks are more subtle and dangerous than the accidents that could cause injuries at work.

To do so, ensure your OHS training on health risks covers these important points...

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During your OHS training include the dangers of health risks

Your employees may not be aware of the dangers of health risks. But depending on the work they do, they may come into contact with a variety of these harmful substances or bacteria every day. 
These substances or bacteria can lead to any number of illnesses including:
Skin allergies;
Eye infections;
Lung infections;
Chemical poisoning; and even
Some cancers caused by prolonged exposure to harmful substances.
In your employees' health training, you have to ensure they understand the risks involved in these illnesses. Some may be temporary and others may be life-threatening.
Once they understand how much is actually at stake, you need to train them on how they can protect themselves...
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Train your employees to protect themselves from health risks

Train your employees to use their safety wear to protect themselves from harmful substances. If they have safety gloves, goggles and face masks, they must use them any time they're working with something that could make them sick.
Also train them on proper health and safety housekeeping so they clean up and store dangerous ensuring no one else gets sick either.
This training on health risks could save your employees' lives!

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Attention employers: Never underestimate the importance of OHS training on health risks
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