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Awareness: The most important tool in the fight against HIV in your workplace

by , 12 November 2014
Protecting your employees from HIV at work starts with educating them. After all, if they don't know when and how to protect themselves, they may put themselves in danger.

HIV awareness will make your employees conscious of the risk they face and what they need to do to prevent an infection.

So start managing the HIV risk in your workplace using these three methods of creating awareness...


Protect your employees from HIV by creating awareness around it

Method 1: Create a culture of open communication around HIV
Get your employees to talk to you and each other about HIV topics. Whether it's an HIV+ employee who's feeling ill because of his ARVs or an employee with a family member dying of AIDS. If they communicate about these issues they'll help make everyone more aware. 
Method 2: Use peer education sessions
If you have employees who have experienced HIV/AIDS first hand, see if they're willing to do a peer education session with your other employees. 
This will help make employees aware of the real effects of HIV/AIDS. Be careful with these peer sessions though as they can be difficult for all your staff. Rather do general HIV training sessions first to warm everyone up to the subject.
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Method 3: Role play sessions 
Activities such as role playing can help your employees experience, even on a superficial level, what it's like to live with HIV, whether directly or indirectly.
It's best to get a trained expert in drama therapy and Play-back theatre (a form of education through dramatic play) to help facilitate these sessions.
Creating awareness will help your employees understand HIV on a different level. This understanding will give them the knowledge they need to protect themselves. 
For everything you need to know about training your employees to protect themselves against HIV, check out HIV – Training in a Box.

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Awareness: The most important tool in the fight against HIV in your workplace
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