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Be prepared! Know these eight risks on your demolition site that could cause a serious accident

by , 19 August 2015
In construction, workplace incidents that result from demolition can very easily result in a fatality. So it is extremely important that you perform a demolition work risk assessment so as to determine the chances that someone will get hurt or that other surrounding structures will get damaged.

Here are eight risks during demolition that you should consider in order to prevent any workplace accidents...


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Risk#1. Inadequate access to the demolition site.
Risk#2. The amount of debris that will gather against interior walls causing them to collapse. 
Risk#3. The overloading of the roof or floor with debris which may cause complications that lead to an accident. 
Risk#4. The possibility of the structure collapsing when cutting through concrete. 


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Risk#5. The possibility of accidental collapse as a result of inadequate support structures in place. 
Risk#6. Overhanging material that workers will be working under that could pose a serious risk if they fall and there are no catch platforms in place.
Risk#7. Gas, electricity and water risks. 
Risk#8. Inadequate lighting in areas where your workers will be working.

So there you have it – eight very real risks that could lead to a workplace accident on your site.

But there are many more…

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Be prepared! Know these eight risks on your demolition site that could cause a serious accident
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