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Beware: Substance abuse can cause problems at work

by , 11 April 2013
The dagga - depression cycle plagues many South Africans and is more common than you think!

Although Brad Pitt turned to dagga to combat depression, it's a lesser-known fact that substance abuse directly affects the brain and therefore causes depression. Substance abuse can cause depression and depression can cause substance abuse.

Drugs can lead to depression
Dagga slows down brain functioning and diminishes cognitive abilities. It can therefore cause depression in many people. Alcohol can do the same thing. Cocaine tends to elevate people's moods, but when they come off it, they often experience a crash into depression. And there's a whole long list of other popular drug choices that can also lead to depression.
If you think that an employee is abusing a substance, take action! Don't let the problem escalate because there are huge health and safety risks involved.

Help! The DoL wants to shut my company down
The DoL called today, out of nowhere… They're arriving in 2 weeks for a health and safety inspection.
I don't have a SHE file and I've never had a risk assessment done on the premises.
The DoL said I could lose my business and face heavy penalties or even imprisonment if I don't pass the inspection.
What do I do?
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7 ways that substance abuse or misuse can cause problems at work
  1. After-effects of drug or alcohol abuse affects productivity, e.g. hangover, withdrawal, etc;
  2. Absenteeism and illness  reduces productivity;
  3. Psychological or stress-related effects due to substance abuse by a family member, friend or co-worker;
  4. Pre-occupation with obtaining and using substances while at work;
  5. Illegal activities at work, including selling illicit drugs to other employees;
  6. Stealing money or items of value from co-workers, to exchange for cash or drugs;
  7. Abuse of cough syrup, pain medication, flu medication preparations and over-the-counter drugs supplied by the medical facility on site.

I know you're obliged to organise periodical training of employees, BUT
Aren't you tired of having to arrange and prepare the sessions, especially since you don't always have a ready-to-use format?
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9 things that can contribute to substance abuse at work
1.    High stress;
2.    Low job satisfaction;
3.    Long hours or irregular shifts;
4.    Fatigue;
5.    Repetitious duties;
6.    Periods of inactivity or boredom;
7.    Isolation;
8.    Remote or irregular supervision; and
9.    Easy access to substances.
For guidelines, legal rights, tips and advice on substance abuse turn to Chapter D01 in your Health and Safety Advisor.
Stay safe!
Kerusha Narothan
Managing Editor: Health and Safety Advisor
P.S. Get your sample drug-free workplace policy when you subscribe to the Health and Safety Advisor.

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Beware: Substance abuse can cause problems at work
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