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C. A.L. M: The most useful emergency acronym you'll ever need

by , 08 September 2014
When there's an emergency, everyone has to react quickly and do the right thing. But in all the panic, your employees may forget what they should do. This is why you need to train them and give them ways to remember what they need to do.

This simple acronym can help your employees remember the steps they must take.

Here's what it stands for...


Here's what C. A. L. M stands for 

C: Calmly leave your desk 
Ensure your employees know they mustn't panic, run or scream. They must calmly leave their desks in an orderly fashion.
A: Attend to anyone that needs help
If a fellow employee needs help getting out of the building they must assist them. For example, if someone's in a wheelchair they can help wheel that person out.
L: Leave the workplace
Your employees must start evacuating and use your emergency exits to get out of the building.
M: Move away from the building once outside
Employees mustn't stay close to the building once they're outside as this could still be dangerous. They must move to the evacuation area you designated at a safe distance away.
So how can you help employees remember this acronym?
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Here's how to help your employees remember to stay C.A.L.M.

By using sayings such as 'Stay C.A.L.M.', you can constantly remind your employees of this acronym. If you link the acronym to the situation – staying calm in an emergency – they'll remember it easier. 
You can also create signs near your emergency exits and equipment that say 'Stay C.A.L.M.'
By using this acronym and helping your employees to remember it in these ways, you can be sure they'll remember what to do in an emergency.

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C. A.L. M: The most useful emergency acronym you'll ever need
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