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Choosing a health and safety service provider to create your legal register? Consider these 12 things to make your decision

by , 27 October 2014
A legal register is an important part of health and safety compliance. But it's a long and rather complicated document to put together. That's why many business owners contract health and safety service providers to create their register for them.

But this isn't always a good idea. If you get just anybody to do your register, you could end up with a non-compliance mess.

So before you hire someone to do this for you, consider these 12 things first...

*********** Hot off the press  ************
Are you responsible for compiling your SHE file?
Are you struggling to keep up-to-date with all the paperwork?
Do you waste your time formatting all the documents?
Are you stressed out about all your legal requirements?
Of course you are. You have enough on your plate already, and keeping up with paperwork isn't on the top of your to-do list. But unfortunately, it's part of your job because it's a legal requirement. And, you've answered 'YES' to at least half of the questions above.

Before you choose a health and safety service provider, consider these 12 things

Your choice of service provider is very important. If you're going to contract the legal register out to a service provider, there are some things you should know.  
When choosing a service provider, make sure:
1. They're legally competent (they need to possess a law degree);
2. They provide a copy of their company profile;  
3. They provide you with the qualifications of the people doing the inspection and developing your legal register;  
4. They give you proof of their registration as a service provider and the areas that apply to their competency;  
5. Their competency includes Occupational Health and Safety, Compensation for Occupational Illnesses & Diseases as well as environmental issues;  
6. Their service includes a hard copy legal register as well as an electronic version;  
7. Their contract includes regular electronic updates (free of charge) for your company whenever the law changes;
8. They provide an annual electronic update and the provision of an updated hard copy once a year;  
9. They provide 24 hour IT support free of charge, should you have any problems;
10. They give user training for all persons working on the electronic system;
11. They co-install the software with your IT service provider; and
12. They test the system (for teething problems) and get your acceptance in writing.
Don't choose a service provider before you check off all 12 of these points. Otherwise, you could end up with a legal register that's not compliant. 
If you'd rather do this yourself, check out the Health and Safety Advisor for more information on how to create a legal register for your business. 

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Choosing a health and safety service provider to create your legal register? Consider these 12 things to make your decision
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