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Commissioners told that safety audits weren't carried on Tongaat mall site! Don't make the same mistake

by , 14 February 2014
It seems like the company responsible for the construction of a mall that collapsed in Tongaat last year flouted a lot of safety laws. In the ongoing investigation, it's emerged that health and safety audits weren't carried out on the site! Don't make the same mistake in your workplace.

Yesterday we told you about the two important things that have come out of the commission of inquiry into the Tongaat Mall collapse. We also said we'll be following the inquiry closely and pick out the important safety lessons for you. Now we're delivering on that promise.

Here what you can learn about safety from the Tongaat mall inquiry

According to iol, Ismaiel van Zyl, a safety consultant appointed by the contractor Gralio Precast, told the commission that health and safety audits weren't conducted in the four months preceding the mall's collapse.

Van Zyl also said he wasn't aware of health and safety audits being submitted to the labour department in the four months that he had been appointed as a consultant to the project.

The commission heard that the structural engineer had only been present at two of the ten inspections to check post-tensioning cables of the concrete slabs.

This is a very big mistake!

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When it comes to workplace safety, carrying out an audit is one of the first things you must do

The Health & Safety Advisor says a health and safety audit allows you to gather factual information based on unbiased evaluation and evidence. The audit can also gives you information that could lead to more effective staff training on health and safety practices.

There's more shocking stuff from the inquiry.

A News24 reportpoints out that van Zyl admitted that he hadn't given any consent for the formworks, props or scaffolding to be removed on the day the accident happened. The inquiry heard previously that some of the formworks were being removed on the day the slab collapsed.

Don't make this error in your workplace.

You must take extra care when you have employees working on scaffolding. In this article we told you that you must have a scaffold inspector. 'He must ensure the scaffold is built to specification and is safe to use.'

What's more…'Your scaffold inspector must also instruct your employees never to use a scaffold unless there's a 'safe to use' sign on it and the scaffold has been inspected within the last week by the scaffold inspector.'

The commission is still continuing. We'll give you an update next week.

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Commissioners told that safety audits weren't carried on Tongaat mall site! Don't make the same mistake
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