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Could your presence scare your employee into having an accident?

by , 11 August 2014
Do you consider yourself a friendly, warm and approachable person? Would your employees agree?

If you want to find out, just watch the way they act next time you do an onsite observation for a safety audit or risk assessment. If they act uneasy, nervous or clumsy they're probably scared of you.

This is a serious problem. If you make your employees feel nervous, you may scare them into an accident.

Sound crazy? It's not!

Here's how it could happen...


Here's how you could scare your employees into having an accident

Let's say you observe an employee while he works with a saw, for example. If your presence makes him nervous, he may keep looking over his shoulder to see if you're still there and what you're doing. While he's not looking, he may saw into his hand.
That accident wouldn't have happened if you weren't there.
So you see, it's not that crazy to think you could cause your employees to have accidents.
But now that you know it can happen, how do you prevent it from doing so?
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Here's how you can avoid scaring your employees into having accidents

The reason your employees may be nervous or scared of you is because they don't know you. So the first thing you should do is get to know your employees a bit more. Let them see that even though you're the boss, you're also an approachable person.
Next , speak to your employees during your observations. Tell them why you're there and ask them questions about their work. If they feel they can explain themselves, they may feel more at ease.
Open communication is the best way to ensure your employees feel comfortable around you and work safely while you're there.
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Could your presence scare your employee into having an accident?
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