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Demolition work: Eight things to consider when planning your risk

by , 18 October 2013
You must conduct a risk assessment before you do any demolition work. And planning is everything. Here are eight things you must take into account when planning your risk assessment.

Planning a risk assessment for demolition work? If so, consider these eight things…

Here's an 8-point checklist of what to consider when planning a risk assessment for demolition work

The Health & Safety Advisor suggests you consider the following when conducting your risk assessment:

  1. The general and structural state of the structure and its most recent use or occupancy.
  2. Whether hazardous chemical substances (for example, asbestos or lead) are stored or manufactured in the structure.
  3. Whether silica dust is present.
  4. The likelihood of any material or items of architectural or historical importance.
  5. What hidden or buried services are present, for example, electrical cables, water, sewage and storm water pipes.
  6. Nearby structures that may be affected or damaged.
  7. How people, animals and vegetation will be affected or threatened.
  8. How prevailing weather conditions such as high winds or flooding will influence the safety of the project.

Your risk assessment is a living document

You must add any other considerations to your list as your assessment continues. Treat your plans and risk assessments as living documents you'll need to continually review.

Remember, some vital information will only come to light as your demolition work progresses. The important thing is to plan your risk assessment before you start any demolition work.

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Demolition work: Eight things to consider when planning your risk
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