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Did you know: Highveld thunderstorms could cripple your company?

by , 08 October 2014
The Highveld has some serious storms. Even if these storms don't result in a lot of rain, they always bring a lot of lightning.

Lightning is one of the most powerful and destructive forces in nature. Now you may not realise it, but one of those Highveld thunderstorms could cripple your business.

If your company become the victim of lightning strikes it could spell disaster.

Read on to find out what it could do to your business so you can take steps to protect it...


Here's what a Highveld thunderstorm could do to your business

Lightning can do serious damage. It can also cause severe injuries and even death. The reason for this is the sudden surge of electricity that has no where to go.
This can cause your electrical circuit to blow and start a fire. If one of your employees touches something metallic when this happens he'll suffer serious electrocutions that could potentially kill him. 
Even if lightning doesn't cause this kind of damage, an electrical surge could still damage your computers and Internet. This will bring your business to a grinding halt as you can't do any work. 
But how can you protect your company against this unpredictable force of nature?
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Take these two steps to protect your company against lightning 

Step 1: Install a lightning rod
Lightning goes for the highest point. This means if you install a lightning rod that's higher than your building, the lightning will strike this first. You can also use the rod to channel the lightning into the ground. 
Step 2: Insulate your office 
Rubber doesn't conduct electricity. So place rubber matting under your carpet to stop the flow of electricity.
Follow these two steps to protect your company against the dangers of a Highveld thunderstorm. 
PS. Even if you take steps to protect your company, you still need to prepare for the worst. That's why we're strongly advise you to check out the Emergency First Aid CD. It contains everything you need to prepare your first aiders to deal with an emergency like a lightning strike.

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Did you know: Highveld thunderstorms could cripple your company?
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