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Did you know: Ignoring health and safety standards will harm your business in these three ways?

by , 22 May 2014
You must provide a safe work environment for your employees. This is a requirement of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA).

But, how do you do this?

You must stick to health and safety standards outlined in Act to keep your employees safe.

If you fail to do this, your business will suffer in the following three ways...


Do you want to be fined, jailed or have a criminal record for life?

If an accident occurs in your workplace, and the person dies, you could be charged with culpable homicide, charged penalties of R100 000 or 2 years in jail! The CEO or Owner of a company is personally accountable for health and safety at work.

Click here for the three things you must prove to establish your innocence.


Here's how failing to adhere to health safety standards harms your business

#1: The Health & Safety Advisor says if you ignore health and safety in the workplace your business will suffer financially. For example, you'll have to pay non-compliance penalties.

#2: There will be damage to your plant and equipment. If, for example, your employees don't use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) properly, it'll get damaged.

#3: Accidents will cause labour unrest and damage your reputation.

Just think of the news reports, if, for example, your factory caught fire and your employees got locked inside.

Do you think other companies would want to do business with your after reading your company ignores safety standards and treats staff this way?

Make sure you adhere to safety standards all the time.

In fact, we recommend you do these four things to fully comply with the OHSA.


Are you responsible for compiling your SHE file?

Are you struggling to keep up-to-date with all the paperwork?

Do you waste your time formatting all the documents?

Are you stressed out about all your legal requirements?

Of course you are. You have enough on your plate already, and keeping up with paperwork isn't on the top of your to-do list. But unfortunately, it's part of your job because it's a legal requirement. And, you've answered 'YES' to at least half of the questions above.


Don't let your company suffer! Adhere to health safety standards by doing the following

  • Do a risk assessment to make to ensure your employees are safe at work.
  • Provide induction training to employees and give them information about the risks they face.
  • Supervise employees who work with plant or machinery. This must be done by a competent person who understands the risks of that plant or machine.
  • Enforce health and safety rules and, if necessary, discipline employees who don't comply.

As you can see, ignoring health and safety standards causes irreparable damage. Don't take that risk. Always comply with health and safety standards.

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Did you know: Ignoring health and safety standards will harm your business in these three ways?
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