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Did you know: Your fire team is responsible for more than just putting out an office fire?

by , 03 October 2014
If there's a fire in your workplace, the most important people are the members of your fire team. These are the people who need to jump in and stop the fire spreading to save your business from complete destruction.

To do that, our fire team has ten duties they must fulfil.

Read on to find out what they are...


These are the ten responsibilities your fire team must fulfil during a workplace fire

1. When the emergency evacuation alarm goes off, each member must collect a fire extinguisher from the area they're in and move to their designated assembly point.
2. If they're not in their designated areas and can't get to their assembly point, they must follow the same procedure as all personnel.
3. At the assembly point, they must follow procedure for roll call and tell the security guard they're fire team members and whether they have an extinguisher in their possession.
4. The security guard will tell the Emergency Coordinator how many fire team members are present and how many extinguishers they have.
5. The Emergency Coordinator will advise if the fire team members must go help in a different area.
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Do your employees know about the different fire equipment?
6. If they need to help somewhere else, they must follow the instructions the Emergency Coordinator gives them.
7. When the emergency is over, the fire team must return the fire extinguishers to their right place, ONLY if they haven't use them.
8. If they used the extinguishers, they must put them on the spares trolley in a specified location.
9. They must tell the Health and Safety Manager how many extinguishers they used and how many they didn't use.
10. The Health and Safety Management will refill the used extinguishers.
Train your fire team on these ten responsibilities so they respond correctly to a workplace fire.

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Did you know: Your fire team is responsible for more than just putting out an office fire?
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