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Do these three things to limit your employees' exposure to harmful substances

by , 24 December 2014
Different harmful substances have different regulations but they all have similar instructions you must follow to limit your employees' exposure.

If you don't follow these instructions, not only are you putting your employees in harm's way, you're also violating OHS Act regulations.

Read on to discover three things you need to do to limit your employees' exposure according to the OHS Act...

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Attention! Health and Safety specialists face fines imposed by the DoL!
You must comply with the OHS ACT!

To limit your employees' exposure to harmful substances, do these three things

1. Provide your employees with protective equipment
Your employees need protective equipment so they can handle these substances safely. This equipment should include:
- Gloves;
- Face masks;
- Goggles; and
- Respirator equipment.
Ensure your employees wear this protective equipment every time they work with harmful substances.
2. Train your employees to work with substances safely
If you don't train your employees to work safely, they won't know what they're supposed to do. By giving them this training, you can limit their exposure and ensure they know how to handle them safely.
3. Explain your employees' duties if they come into contact with harmful substances
In case your employees do come into contact with any harmful substances, they must know what steps to take. This will help reduce the impact of their exposure.
Give your employees sufficient training on these duties so they know what to do.
Remember, every regulation has different requirements. Ensure you check out each regulation to comply with the other rules.
This will help you protect your employees and comply with the OHS Act's regulations.
For more on protecting your employees from harmful substances check out the Health and Safety Advisor

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Do these three things to limit your employees' exposure to harmful substances
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