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Do you have hazardous chemicals in your workplace? Then implement these 4 control measures immediately

by , 03 May 2016
So you've conducted a risk assessment of your workplace, and you've noticed you have a hazardous chemical substance risk! What now?

The answer is very simple: You have to deal with it immediately! Failing to do so could lead to your employees falling seriously ill!

So when you identify a chemical substance risk in your workplace, carry out these four control measures as soon as possible...

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Control measure#1: Engineering controls

This control measure involves isolating or enclosing the process associated with the hazardous chemical, as well as all relevant ventilation systems.

Control measure#2: Management controls

Here, you must create work procedures that promote health and safety in the work area that contains the hazardous chemical substance risk.

This includes putting up safety signs, as well as providing training on correct housekeeping and storage in those areas.

Control measure#3: Personal Protective Equipment controls

Ensure that your employees use the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). In other words, their PPE must suit the specific risk involved. In this case, it'll be the specific hazardous chemical risk involved.

NOTE: Make sure the PPE fits all your employees correctly and that it's cleaned properly before and after use.

Control measure#4: Hygiene controls

Ensure that your hygiene facilities are always kept clean!

Make sure they're:

·         not in the vicinity of food and smoking areas;
·         accessible before entering areas where there are hazardous substances; and that they
·         contain all appropriate cleaning materials and equipment.

*Those were four control measures you must take upon identifying a hazardous chemical substance in your workplace.

To learn more on managing hazardous chemicals, such as how to correctly identify hazardous chemical substances in the workplace, page over to Chapter R 04: Risk Assessment: Hazardous chemical substances in your Health and Safety handbook.

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Do you have hazardous chemicals in your workplace? Then implement these 4 control measures immediately
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