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Do you have these four documents in place in case disaster strikes your company?

by , 23 October 2014
If there's a disaster in your company, you need the right equipment to deal with it. But it's not just equipment you need. You also need certain documents.

These documents help you give your employees, visitors and emergency services the information they need to deal with such situations.

These are four documents you must have.


Checklist: Four documents you need in place in case of an emergency

1. A copy of the written emergency plan (this details the procedures you'll take in case of a specific emergency such as a fire, bomb scare, an unexpected explosion, civil unrest, etc.).
2. An organogram indicating the roles of everyone in your emergency team.
3. Site Plan A – Display this floor plan of the premise on notice boards and include the following information:
Emergency exits/Evacuation routes;
Assembly areas;
Location of fire extinguishers;
Location of fire hose reels;
Location of fire hydrants;
Location of emergency alarms;
Location of first aid equipment and facilities; and
Telephone numbers of emergency services and personnel.
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4. Site Plan B – Don't display this floor plan of your premise. Instead, hand it to the fire brigade, police and civil defence personnel attending the emergency. It should also contain location of the following:
Security fences, gates and gatehouse
Fuel storage areas
Other hazardous or flammable substance storage areas
Capacities of bulk storage tanks
Main water inlet
Ring mains and fire hydrants including pipe sizes
Fire walls and doors
Fire fighting equipment
Sprinkler main valve
Exits and evacuation routes
Assembly areas
Vehicle parking areas
Alarm activation points and panels
Emergency control centre
Main switchboard and public address system
Main telephone cable routes
First aid room and equipment
Electrical reticulation
Main electrical switchgear
Gas storage areas
Underground storage tanks
Ensure you have these four documents. You'll need them if disaster strikes!
Check out the Health and Safety Advisor for more on how to prepare for workplace emergencies. 

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