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Do you know how to turn your safety plan into safety action?

by , 25 June 2014
You've done your risk assessment and risk analysis. You've taken your findings to your health and safety committee and discussed them. You've got everyone's input and created a brilliant safety plan. You've even got everyone's approval on it... But now what?

Creating a safety plan is the easy part. Now you have to put that plan into action. And if you don't do it correctly, it just won't work.

To ensure you take your months of planning and turn it into effective action use these four steps...

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Turn your safety plan into safety action with these four steps

To start the roll out of your safety plan, start with:
Step 1: Buy all the safety equipment you need
When you buy your safety equipment, make sure it's exactly what you need. If you accidentally get the wrong thing and try to just 'make it work' that's exactly what it won't do.
Step 2: Distribute all safety equipment to where it needs to be
Whether it's personal protective equipment (PPE) or safety guards for machinery, you must ensure it's where it must be and with the right people.
Step 3: Train your employees on how to use this safety equipment
You must ensure your employees know how to use and take care of their safety equipment. If they're unsure about how to use this equipment, it won't protect them. 
But your plan implementation can't just stop there...
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The last step of your safety plan implementation is an ongoing one

Step 4: Constantly monitor and assess the effectiveness of your safety programme
Now that everything's in place, you have to watch to ensure your employees use the equipment correctly and that precautions work properly. 
There you have it: Proof that you can implement your health and safety plan in just four steps. 

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Do you know how to turn your safety plan into safety action?
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