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Do you know if the computers in your workplace are a health and safety hazard?

by , 01 August 2014
When you think about health and safety you probably think about men in hard hats on construction sites. What you may not know is health and safety applies to your employees in your office too.

They face different hazards such as back pain, neck strains and eye fatigue. As their employer you still have to protect them from these hazards.

So next time you see your employees hard at work in front of your computers ask yourself, are those computers a health and safety hazard.

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These are the health and safety hazards computer work can cause

You must identify the hazards and related risks your employees face. This means you must implement reasonable risk management actions to manage the risks you identified.
If your employees work in front of a computer for hours, it could cause a number of risks. So your employees may start to suffer from:
- Eye fatigue;
- Headaches;
- Shoulder strain; or
- Neck tension.
To determine exactly what causes these office risks you need to do an office risk assessment where your employees' work and at their workstations.
So once you've determined what the cause is, here's what you can do...

Here's what you can do about office health and safety risks

If your employees suffer from eye strain and headaches because of the glare from the computer screen, you should get anti-glare computer screen. These will reduce the damage to your employees' eyes and their headaches.
If they suffer from shoulder and neck pain because of the height of their desks then you must get a more ergonomic workstation design. This includes higher chairs and lower desks with raised screens so your employees can sit comfortably.
So if your computers leave your employees feeling sore after they work at them, assess the hazards and risks associated with computers and deal with them.
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Do you know if the computers in your workplace are a health and safety hazard?
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