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Do you know the 21 different types of health and safety records you have to keep?

by , 11 June 2014
The process you need to follow to put together your health and safety plan isn't complicated. This said, the different types of records you have to keep can be more confusing than the rest of the process put together.

You see, different jobs require different health and safety records. And you have to carefully complete and keep each of them just in case a DoL inspector pays you a visit.

So to try and make the health and safety recordkeeping process less confusing, we've put together a list of the 21 different kinds of records you have to keep...

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21 different health and safety records you must keep

The Health and Safety Advisor says you must keep these 21 different health and safety records:
1. Your OHS Policy;
2. Your health and safety agreement;
3. Policies and procedures that enable you to be legally compliant;
4. Documents that include your hazard identification and risk assessment and the safety precautions you put in place afterwards; 
5. All your letters of appointment;
6. All your data from your occupational hygiene monitoring;
7. Medical surveillance records;
8. Shift schedules and staffing establishment;
9. Records of all of your OHS training that relate to particular work hazards and risks and training needs analysis;
10. Performance management records;
11. Details of the selection of your equipment and personal protective equipment (PPE);
12. Register of all the PPE you've handed out to staff;
13. Inventory of your equipment and equipment safety manuals ;
14. Checklists and registers of all your equipment;
15. Records of your preventative maintenance;
16. Your health and safety representative's inspection sheets;
17. Minutes from your health and safety committee's meetings;
18. Previous incident reports;
19. Telephone logs;
20. Audit reports from internal and external health and safety audits; and
21. Minutes from management's health and safety review meetings.
With so many different records, how can you keep all of them in order?
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Keep your health and safety records in flawless order

In this article we give you the 13 steps you can take to ensure your recordkeeping is flawless. With them you'll find whatever you need, whenever you need it, especially if a DoL inspector comes to visit.

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