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Do you know the eight lifting requirements for stacking and storage?

by , 13 December 2013
If your stacking and storage isn't properly controlled you risk fire, explosions, pollution, damage to stock and injury to your employees. Don't take that risk! Stick to the eight lifting requirements for stacking and storage and keep your workers safe.

Stacking and storage often requires lifting people by forklift or other mechanical lifting devices not specifically designed for this purpose, says the Health & Safety Advisor.

It's for this reason that you must comply with these eight requirements for stacking and storage:

Eight lifting requirements for stacking and storage

#1: Workers must be lifted in a properly constructed cage of rigid construction. This cage must be approved for use by an inspector of machinery.

#2: The underside of the cage must have channels that fit snugly over and under the forks of a forklift truck.

#3: The cage must be made of solid or mesh sides and in the latter case with a steel or wooden toe board.

#4: The cage must be secured to the mast either by a chain shackle or similar means approved by the Inspector of Labour (in writing).

#5: You must examine the forklift, cage and chain attachment before your workers use.

#6: Make sure all welded joints on cages are clear of patent defects.

#7: Ensure only experienced and competent operators operate forklifts with people in such cages.
No movement other than raising or lowering is permitted while the cage is occupied.

#8: Record all inspections carried out in the 'Register of Lifting Gear'.

'It's customary for the lifting portion of forklift trucks, i.e. the masts, chains, lifting hydraulics and forks, to be checked when regular services are carried out,' says the Health & Safety Advisor. So keep a copy of the service work sheet in your health and safety file.

Complying with these eight lifting requirements will help keep your workers safe when doing stacking and storage.

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