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Do you know what PPE applies to these four hazard sources?

by , 29 September 2015
It is virtually impossible to remove ALL health and safety hazards from the workplace. But you can minimise the risks they pose by providing Personal Protective Equipment to your employees.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is clothing or accessories that when used correctly will create a barrier between the wearer and the hazard to which he is exposed. By doing this, any adverse health effects can be greatly reduced.

Having said this, it is very important for you to know what type of PPE will suit a particular hazard.

So here are five hazard sources along with their relevant PPE:

1. Raw materials used in a process

This includes dust of various types such as asbestos, wood and silica. It also includes chemical liquids and fumes.

Appropriate PPE would include fume and dust masks or even a combination of the two. It also includes skin protection for hands as well as eye protection against splashes and any foreign bodies entering the eyes.

2. By-products that result from a process

This can include sparks that are emitted from welding or fumes emitted from heat applied to plastic.

Appropriate protection here would be the same as was mentioned above, namely a fume mask, eye and skin protection.



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3. Extreme temperatures

This can be from working by a furnace or even just working outdoors in very warm conditions.

Appropriate PPE here would be heat-resistant overalls, suits and hats.

4. Working equipment producing loud noises

This will include noises above 85dB.

Here, the most appropriate PPE would be hearing protection from the noise.


So, there were four hazard sources along with their required Personal Protective Equipment. Remember that you could be required to combine various types of PPE in circumstances where there are several different hazard sources.

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Do you know what PPE applies to these four hazard sources?
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