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Do you know what to do in the 2 seconds after someone yells 'FIRE!' on your construction site

by , 22 May 2014
Fire isn't just a workplace hazard that puts your employees at risk. It puts your whole business at risk. If your business is a construction site, a fire could level the whole project in a few hours. All it would take is a single spark and the whole place could go up in flames.

That's why you must follow construction regulation 27 to the T. Not just so you can protect your employees, but so you can protect your business as well.

And knowing how to deal with a fire is just as important as trying to prevent it. Here's what you must do if someone yells 'fire!'...

Do your employees know about the different fire equipment?

Use these five steps to fight fires on your construction site

According to the Health and Safety Advisor, you normally only have two seconds to put out a small fire. You must do this before it has a chance to grow and spread.
Here are the five steps the Advisor gives to fighting fires:
1. You must have clearly demarcated and accessible fire fighting equipment.
Ensure everyone can comfortably reach your fire extinguishers.
2. You must service and maintain your fire fighting equipment regularly to ensure its working properly all the time. 
Your next step is to appoint employees to help with fires too. Here's how to do it...
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What to do when appointing employees to help with fires

3. You must teach all your employees to use the fire-fighting equipment installed in the area they work in. It's not enough for you to train only your fire-fighting team. 
4. You must appoint someone to take charge if you can't immediately extinguish a fire. This person will decide to start evacuation procedures. They can also give instructions to control the fire until the fire department arrives.
5. You must appoint and train a fire team. They'll assist the fire emergency safety officer. Your fire team should be employees who are willing to have this additional responsibility. 
You must verify the fire-fighting training providers. This will ensure you receive high level and applicable training for your employees. This is an important step in improving your construction site safety.
There you have it: Follow these five steps and you can protect your employees and your business from fires easier and faster.

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Do you know what to do in the 2 seconds after someone yells 'FIRE!' on your construction site
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