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Do you know what your post safety audit activities must be?

by , 04 August 2014
So, you've just finished your safety audit and all the interviews that go with it. Now what? For this process to be useful and help you improve your workplace health and safety you need to do something with your findings.

You must turn those findings into a plan of action.

You must implement those post-audit activities so your company can really benefit from the audit.

Here's what you need to do...

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Report your safety audit findings

The first step is to report your findings to executives and management. You must do this during your 'Audit Closing Meeting' and in a written report.
During the meeting and in the written report you must detail what problems you saw during the safety audit. You must also explain what actions your management must take to fix them.
Your 'Corrective Actions' or the measures your managers must take to fix problems must be clear and precise. 
If your instructions are confusing, your managers may make the wrong changes. This won't do anything to help improve your health and safety programme.
But you'll only find this out during the next post-audit activity...

You must do a follow-up audit to ensure your managers fixed the problems

To ensure your managers implemented your changes and fixed the problems you must do a follow-up audit.
The point of this audit is simply to assess if your managers followed your plan of action and if that plan of action is effective.
Once you have done the follow-up audit and you're satisfied that everything is in order then your job as the safety auditor is complete. 
Just remember you have to do this whole process once a year to maintain your company's health and safety programme. 

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Do you know what your post safety audit activities must be?
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