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Do you remember the fire that ripped through SABC studios?... Find out what they should have done...

by , 18 June 2013
The SABC set for a popular soap series was destroyed last year June when a massive fire ripped through the studio in Johannesburg. This caused millions of rands worth of damage for the SABC.

The cause of the fire was unknown but the question was, did the SABC have the right health and safety precautions in place to prevent a fire?

Find out what they should have done...


Legal requirement: Protect your employees from fire hazards

If your business doesn't take the necessary precautions to protect your employees from fire emergencies, you'll be responsible for any injuries they sustain...

Discover how to reduce your employee's risk of injuries when it comes to fire emergencies...


3 steps to prevent a fire in your office

If the SABC had taken these precautions maybe they wouldn't have had a multi-million rand damages bill on their plate.
  • Identify the hazards that can start a fire (e.g. heat-generating equipment such as copiers, heaters, coffee makers and hot plates). Keep them away from anything that might catch fire.
  • Take the necessary safety measures to reduce the risk of a fire occurring (e.g. install fire extinguishers and smoke detectors. Once they're installed test them regularly to make sure they're in good working order).
  • Train your staff on how to properly use heat generating equipment and appliances and any other hazards you've identified that could cause a fire. Also train them on how to use the fire extinguishers.

You're legally required to protect your staff from fire hazards...

Did you know: Fire drills and evacuation plans must be implemented?

Discover what you need to do to keep your employees safe in case of fire emergencies...


How to train your staff on fire safety to make sure they don't cost you your business

Check out the Health and Safety Training Manual  where we show you how to train your employees on fire safety, and how to fight a fire if they ever have to.

If you know anyone that works in the risk department at the SABC please send this bulletin on to them or even better, get them a copy of the Health and Safety Training Manual to make sure they never suffer millions of rands in damages again!

Until next time.

Kerusha Narothan
Managing Editor: Health and Safety Advisor

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Do you remember the fire that ripped through SABC studios?... Find out what they should have done...
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