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Do you use machinery in your company? Don't forget to make these three appointments in writing

by , 23 December 2013
If your company uses machinery; the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) requires you to appoint these three people in writing. Read on to find out who they are...

You must comply with General Machinery Regulations of the OHSA if your employees operate machinery.

One of the requirements of these regulations is that you appoint the following people in writing.

You must make these three appointments for operating general machinery

You must appoint:

#1: A competent person to ensure you and your employees comply with the OHSA and its Regulations (for machinery).

The OHSA says you must appoint, in writing, a person in a full-time capacity for every premises where you use machinery.

#2: An assistant competent person. You may appoint one or more competent persons to assist a competent person.

#3: A shiftsman. Ensure a shiftsman supervises any machinery that needs constant attention while such machinery is in motion. This will help prevent incidents.

Please note that no other person can operate such machinery unless it's under the general supervision of this shiftsman.

Remember, 'if you use plant or machinery and incidents related to these occur, the Department of Labour will investigate,' says the Health & Safety Advisor.

If you're responsible, you risk a jail sentence of two years or a fine of R100 000. In extreme cases of negligence, the Department of Labour will shut down your site until you've addressed the relevant health and safety issues, adds the Advisor.

Make sure you appoint the above mentioned people in writing to help reduce accidents.

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Do you use machinery in your company? Don't forget to make these three appointments in writing
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