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Do your company drivers know these eight defensive driving tips?

by , 21 August 2013
South Africa has one of the highest motor vehicle accident (MVA) rates in the world. In fact, nearly 6000 people die on our roads every year. But there's a way to ensure your company drivers don't become another statistic. Here are eight defensive driving tips your drivers can use to avoid accidents on the roads.

If you have employees who drive company cars, you may have already experienced loss when a driver gets injured, a vehicle is damaged, or the worker is killed in a road traffic accident, says the Health&Safety Advisor.

The good news is you can reduce the loss of life and money if you equip your drivers with defensive driving methods.

The aim of defensive driving is to reduce the risk of accidents while you drive. You do this by anticipating dangerous situations, despite adverse conditions or what other drivers are doing or not doing, says the Health&Safety Advisor.

Here are the eight defensive driving tips your employees can use to drive safety

Defensive driving is a simple and easy exercise.

Simply tell your employees to do the following on the road:

  1. While you're drive, make sure you check your side mirrors and rear view mirror regularly for other traffic, bicycles and motorbikes;
  2. If you see the driver in front of you swerving, slow down and leave extra space between yourself and the swerving car;
  3. If a car is too close to the back of your car while driving, try and move over to the left to let them pass (slamming on brakes to irritate the driver isn't wise);
  4. If you see flashing lights ahead of you, slow down, it could be an accident;
  5. If a truck driver indicates it's safe to overtake, be careful. You may not get to safety in time (meaning, that you may drive slower than the truck driver thinks, or your car doesn't increase in speed as fast as another car might);
  6. Never look for something in the glove compartment, on the passenger seat or anywhere else while you're driving;
  7. Don't go over the speed limit, the limits have been put in place based on the safety of the road, other traffic and conditions; and
  8. If a car has stopped in front of you where there are no traffic signs indicating a stop, slow down, even stop if necessary, check the road ahead and behind before pulling out and overtaking.

While it's impossible to completely avoid road accidents, your drivers can reduce their risk of meeting an accident if they use these defensive driving tips, advises FSPBusiness.

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Do your company drivers know these eight defensive driving tips?
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