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Do your employees know they have a health and safety responsibility to each other as well?

by , 30 June 2014
During your employees' safety induction training and OHS training, you must train them on their health and safety responsibilities.

These responsibilities aren't simply wearing their PPE or following safe working procedure.

Your employees also have responsibilities to each other. And you must include this in their training to inform your employees about their duty to each other...

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Tired of paying for expensive health and safety training for your employees?

Three items you should train your employees on to keep each other safe

The OHS Act says your employees must look after themselves. It also says they must look after each other in the same way. 
Your employees may not realise this, so you have to give them OHS training on how they can fulfil this duty. This means you must train them to:
Always keep an eye open for dangers: Your employees must be aware of the dangers around them and around each other. If they don't pay attention to what's happening around them, accidents are likely to happen. 
Give clear warnings if they see an accident is about to happen: They must do everything they can to alert people who could be involved in the accident. It's important they get them out of harm's way as quickly as possible.
Hold each other accountable: As part of their duty to each other, they must remind each other of their duty towards themselves. This could be something as simple as reminding each other to wear their PPE
Your employees must work together to protect each other and prevent workplace accidents. Health and safety is a team effort. This means you and your employees must all work together to stay safe. This isn't only a responsibility; it's the best way to improve workplace health and safety.

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Do your employees know they have a health and safety responsibility to each other as well?
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