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Do your employees understand the value of working together to prevent accidents?

by , 30 June 2014
When it comes to maintaining health and safety, watching what's going on is by far the most effective way to control things. Sadly though, you can't always be there to watch things.

This is where it becomes vital that your employees work together to prevent accidents. If they watch out for each other, they'll all be safer.

But, do your employees actually understand this need for teamwork?

If they don't, their lack of concern for each other may just lead to accidents. Accidents that your employees could have prevented. Here's how to ensure your employees understand the values of working together...

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If your employees work together, they can protect each other

You must ensure your employees understand the value of working together in health and safety. You can include this in your OHS training or your toolbox talks. However you choose to train your employees, make sure they understand these values of working together.
In your training, tell them to:
Watch out for each other: While your employees are involved in a certain job, they may not notice an accident that's about to happen. If they all watch out for each other, they can warn one another about looming threats. 
Listen to each other: Your employees must listen to each other. If someone gives a warning, the rest of your employees must listen and respond appropriately.
Support each other: If an accident happens, your employees can't adopt an 'every man for himself' attitude. They must support and help each other if an accident happens.
And the last value they must know about is the most important…

If your employees want a safe working environment, they must stand together

Your employees must unite when it comes to health and safety issues. If only a small group of people campaign for change, while the rest sit back, things won't improve. 
So train your employees to understand their health and safety responsibilities towards each other to prevent workplace accidents.
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Do your employees understand the value of working together to prevent accidents?
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