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Do your employees use hand tools? Use these measures to ensure they maintain files in a safe condition

by , 24 October 2013
If your employees use hand tools don't assume they know how to use them when all they know is what they've seen. There are fine points in hand tool working techniques they may not understand. Take files, for example, looking after them isn't as easy as you think. Read on to discover the safety measures your employees should use to ensure they maintain files so they don't hurt themselves.

The sharp tang of an unprotected file can cause a painful and disabling wound.

That's why 'you must train your employees to use hand tools in a safe manner. If you don't, it may result in injury to your workers from sub-standard hand tools or because they didn't use the tools properly,' says the Health& Safety Advisor.

This, in turn, will result in unnecessary expenses to replace the tools and medical attention for the injured workers.

What's more… If the injuries are caused by your management's non-compliance or a lack of supervision, it could also lead to prosecution.

Tell your employees stick to these rules to maintain the safety of the files they use:

  • Keep plenty of handles on hand.
  • Ensure that there's a securely fitted, substantial handle on each file they use.
  • If any files have particularly sharp pointed tangs, round them off to avoid snagging your hand when reaching into the tool box.
  • Never hit a file with a hammer. Pieces of the hardened steel are likely to fly off.
  • Never make a centre punch or a chisel out of an old file. The metal is too brittle for this purpose.
  • Don't use a file as a pry as it breaks easily and the pieces may fly off.
  • Don't carry a file in your pocket without a handle over the tang.  This is hazardous. If you should fall, the tang might be driven into your body.
  • The cleaner and sharper you keep a file, the less chance there will be for it to slip and result in a skinned knuckle or other wound.

The bottom line: NEVER assume employees know how to use hand tools. Make sure they maintain files in a safe condition using these measures.

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Do your employees use hand tools? Use these measures to ensure they maintain files in a safe condition
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