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Do your stop/start devices meet these four health and safety requirements?

by , 26 September 2013
One of the health and safety standards for plant or machinery is that you must install stop and start devices. That's not all, your stop/start devices must meet these four health and safety requirements...

"You, as the employer, have to provide and maintain systems of work, plant and machinery that, as far as is reasonably practicable, are safe and without risks to health,' says the Health & Safety Advisor.

One of the ways to ensure you're complaint is to install stop and start devices that meet these four health and safety requirements…

Your stop/start devices must fulfil four health and safety requirements

The Health & Safety Advisor explains that the device must not be the mere tripping of a switch. For machinery where two or more people operate, these devices must:

#1: Be in a position where the operators can readily and conveniently reach them.

#2: Be constructed and arranged to prevent the accidental starting of machinery.

You must make the controls for machinery driven by an electric motor inoperative while you make repairs or adjustments. Again, this can't merely be a trip-switch.

If machinery is simultaneously operated by two or more persons, you must provide:

#3: A stopping device at every operation point, which locks out when your employees use it. It must have a manual resetting function before any employee can restart the machinery, and

#4: With an audible warning device employees must sound before they set the machinery in motion.

Remember, if you use plant or machinery and incidents related to these occur which result in injury or death, the Department of Labour will investigate.

If you're responsible, you risk a jail sentence of two years and or a fine of R100 000. The DoL can even shut down your business. Prevention is far easier, so make sure your stop/start devices meet safety requirements.

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Do your stop/start devices meet these four health and safety requirements?
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