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Does your first aider have the right equipment to do her job?

by , 09 September 2014
Imagine this scenario: There's an emergency in your office. One of your computers short circuited and explodes. Your first aider rushes over to help an employee who was close to the explosion and suffered injuries. She goes to grab the first aid kit and finds it's empty.

How do you think this scenario would end? Your employee could die all because your first aid kit is empty!

Without the right first aid equipment, your first aider can't do her job, unless she's related to MacGyver and can create tools out of nothing.

The chance of that being the case is slim, so ensure your first aid kit contains all of this equipment...

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Tired of paying for expensive health and safety training for your employees?

Here's a list of all the things your first aid kit must have in it so your first aider can do her job

Wound cleaner/antiseptic (100 ml);
Swabs for cleaning wounds;
Cotton wool for padding (100 g);
Sterile gauze (minimum quantity 10);
1 Pair of forceps (for splinters);
1 Pair of scissors (minimum size 100 mm);
1 Set of safety pins;
4 Triangular bandages;
4 Roller bandages (75 mm x 5m);
4 Roller bandages (100 mm x 5m);
1 Roll of elastic adhesive (25 mm x 3 m);
1 Non-allergenic adhesive strip (25 mm x 3 m);
1 Packet of adhesive dressing strips (minimum quantity, 10 assorted sizes);
4 First aid dressings (75 mm x 100 mm);
4 First aid dressings (150 mm x 200 mm);
2 Straight splints;
2 Pairs large and 2 pairs medium disposable latex gloves; and
2 CPR mouth pieces or similar devices.
If your first aid kit doesn't have all of these things, it doesn't pass the DoL requirements and your first aider won't be able to do her job in an emergency. Check yours today and restock your kit if necessary.

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Does your first aider have the right equipment to do her job?
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