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Don't forget DR. X when reporting incidents to the Compensation Fund

by , 10 April 2016
So a serious incident has occurred in your workplace!

You've sent off your initial report to the DoL and now you're ready to proceed with reporting it to the Compensation Fund.

But in doing this, you need to remember that this process isn't a one-party affair. You need to include 'DR. X'.

Allow me to explain...


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When reporting incidents to the Compensation Fund, you need to include a doctor in the process. This 'joint effort' can be divided into three main areas...


It starts off with the W.CL.2 form. You see, it has 2 parts, namely Part A and Part B.

You will be required to fill in Part A, directly after which you must tear off part B and present to a doctor, or a hospital for completion.


The next step would be to send off your part of the form to the Compensation Fund as soon as possible. But don't forget about the doctor's part!

As soon as you've received his part, you should also send it off to the Compensation Fund.

NOTE: It does sometimes happen that doctors will send their parts of the form directly to the Compensation Fund. So look into this, because the last thing you want is to be chasing a doctor for something he already sent off.


Even after you're paying a worker compensation, your correspondence with 'DR.X' doesn't stop there.

You'll also be required to send through follow-up documents.

You must send through the first medical report (W.CL.4) form as soon as you receive it from the doctor.

If the worker is away from work for a long time, then you must get a Progress Medical Report (W.CL.5) from the doctor and send it through to the Compensation Fund every month.

*And the correspondence list goes on…

REMEMBER: It's your responsibility to ensure that all the forms are sent through.

To find out more regarding this necessary relationship, between you and the doctor, when it comes to reporting incidents to the Compensation Fund, simply page over to Chapter I 02 in your Health and Safety Advisor handbook, or click here to order your copy today. 

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Don't forget DR. X when reporting incidents to the Compensation Fund
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